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 South Australian Whale Centre

The South Australian Whale Centre offers an incredible interactive journey through 3 floors of whaling history where you will discover new information at every turn. Our state heritage building is ideally located in the heart of Victor Harbor.

Our interactive exhibits include audio visual displays, artifacts, a 3D theatrette and more, all designed to immerse you in an underwater world. Learn about Cetaceans (Whales & Dolphins), whaling history and a wide range of local wildlife; including the pride of Victor Harbor, our annual visitors, Southern Right Whales.

Our 3D theaterette is the closest you’ll come to swimming with whales, all without getting wet! Learn about the inquisitive nature of Southern Right Whales and watch in awe as they seemingly glide from the screen.

The SA Whale Center boasts a brand new Kids Zone play area, complete with a dig site for fossils, a submarine and a daring crawl through the belly of a giant squid!

Visit our wall of whales and view our Southern Right Whale Skull & Sperm Whale Vertebrae, giving you a glimpse of the size these gentle giants may reach. Step on board Sea Shepard’s Steve Irwin Replica, steer the ships wheel and watch as the crew takes you to the forefront of their extensive efforts to curb illegal whaling.  With all this and more there is always something to discover, here at the SA Whale Centre.

Don’t forget to visit the gift shop on your way out, pick up a souvenir and ask our friendly staff all of your wonderful whale questions, we hope you have a whale of a time!

Look for us near the whale tail in Warland Reserve!

The South Australian Whale Centre is situated on Railway Terrace in Victor Harbor. Our building is an old railway goods shed. Inside you will find the stone is stained black from years of trains and soot. This soot is now a heritage listed feature of the SA Whale Centre. Amazing!

Open 7 days (Closed Christmas Day)