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Children’s University

Accredited Activities

Children’s University

The SA Whale Centre is a proud participant of Children’s University, offering 3 different accredited activities for students to complete.

The Adventure Trail– A Free booklet that takes approximately an hour to complete. Students will need to explore all 3 floors of the Centre finding the answer to every question to earn an hour in their passport. The Adventure trail helps students learn about different whale species, sharks and other marine creatures. Standard SA Whale Centre entry fees apply.

The Southern Right Whale Activity Book – At a cost of $2.50 this book is designed to teach students all about our annual visitors the Southern Right Whale. How Big is a whale calf? How much milk do they drink? Where do they live? The answer to all these questions and more can be found within the SA Whale Centre. The SRW Activity Book will earn students an hour in their passport. Standard SA Whale Centre entry fees apply.

School Holiday Programs – Each SA Whale Centre School Holiday Program is an accredited activity. Students will earn an hour in their passport for every program completed. Standard Rates for School Holiday Programs are $8.00 per Child and $4.50 per accompanying adult. Children under the age of 4 must have an accompanying parent or guardian. Bookings for our school holiday programs are essential and can be made via Eventbrite or by calling us at 8551 0750.

What is Children’s University?

Children’s University Australia provides students with exciting free range learning activities outside their day to day school work. Children’s University is voluntary therefore, students get to choose what activities they would like to do. This allows them the freedom to direct their education and focus on activities that interest them. The activities they complete and the topics they learn about are all connected to subjects that can be studied at real universities.

Validated Children’s University Australia Learning Destinations (like the SA Whale Centre) all have a Children’s University Australia Learning Destination sticker in the window. Children take their Passports to Learning with them and get a stamp for the time they have spent learning. The more activities they do, the more hours and stamps they will get in their Passports, and the closer they are to graduating.

Once they have collected enough hours, students will graduate. Where they are presented with their completion certificate at a special ceremony. (They even get all dressed up in a cap and gown, just like the older university students!)

If you are interested in signing your child up for Children’s University visit their web-page here: