Education Programs


With an average run time of 45 minutes to an hour, our unique education programs are delivered in our “Southern Right Room.” A purpose built classroom that caters for groups of up to 30 Children.

Each class is tailored to suit different age groups from kindergarten to year 12 and includes hands on activities designed to help children process and retain information. All education programs are in line with the South Australian Curriculum.

*Please note that bookings are essential.*

Echo’s Tale of a Whale

This program is suitable for Kindergarten aged children.

Staff use music, dance and tactile elements to engage young children, Helping them to understand the basics of whale habits and behaviours.

Ships Ahoy! Encounter 1802

This program is suitable for school years 1 -3.

Children in this program will build their very own “ships” and re-enact  the famous encounter of 1802. When English navigator Mathew Flinders met French explorer Nicholas Baudin. With hands on activities to engage and stimulate, this program encourages children to imagine life on board a ship in the 1800’s.

Encounter Bay Way Back When

This program is suitable for school years 3 – 7.

Children in this program will discover what life was like in Encounter Bay during the 1840’s when Australia was first being settled. Using role play, props and activities to stimulate imagination, children will learn what was discussed between navigators, early settlers and the Ramindjeri peoples. What was Encounter Bay like “Way back When…”?

Grubs Up!

Grubs up is the SA Whale Centres most popular program, suitable for school years 1 – 7.

Children in this program will use a series of water based experiments to recreate the feeding habits of different whales. Topics include the diets of both Toothed and Baleen whales as well as unique feeding behaviours.  Older Children will be asked to form a hypothesis before each experiment, thus exploring the “Why?” of each whales feeding habits. For example; Why don’t toothed whales eat Krill and Plankton?

Who am I?

This program is suitable for school years 5 – 9.

Children involved in “Who am I?” will have their prior knowledge of whales tested and extended. Students will learn how to tell the difference between whale species using hands on activities and thought provoking discussion. Do you know the difference between a Humpback and a Southern Right Whale?

Green Whales

This program is suitable for High School or Tourism Studies students.

Green Whales focuses on the local whale watching industry’s role in ‘ecotourism’ as well as its effect on the economy.

Education Sessions are available Monday to Friday 10.30am – 5.00pm. 

*Education Sessions may be available outside of regular operating hours at request and for a nominal fee.*

For details about education services as well as our other services available, download the SA Whale Centre Education Services Booklet.

For more information please contact one of our Administration Team on 08 8551 0750 or complete the Enquiry Form