One of the most important things to do to help protect whales is to learn more about the problems, and pass that knowledge on to others.
Word of mouth is a great way to get other people interested in whales, and many marine conservation organisations provide detailed information on whale protection issues.

You can visit the Sea Shepherd display at the South Australian Whale Centre to learn more about current marine issues through their interactive Bridge with over 20 short videos on topics ranging from what life is like as a volunteer on one of their ships, through to the action they take when faced with the whalers.

Local Conservation Groups

logo-victor harbor dolphin marine conservationVictor Harbor/Kangaroo Island Dolphin Watch
logo-coastalcare marine conservationGoolwa Coastcare
logo-beachgaurdianBeach Guardians Victor Harbor
logo-flueirumarineFleurieu Marine Life
logo-seasheppardSea Shepherd Australia
logo-conservationcouncilConservation Council SA